Acacia epitomizes refined elegance, marrying classic charm with contemporary allure in a sleek satin A-line silhouette. The sweetheart neckline frames the décolletage with grace, while the exposed boning and sheer lace bodice intricately blend sensuality with sophistication. A satin cowl drape adds a touch of opulence, draping delicately over the bodice for a subtle yet mesmerizing effect. As the eye is drawn towards the back, a breathtakingly long train adorned with intricate lace appliques trails behind, exuding a sense of grandeur fit for a fairytale affair. Acacia embodies the essence of modern romance, offering brides an enchanting ensemble that captivates hearts and leaves an everlasting impression.


  • Available Color(s): Ivory
  • Sizes 2-28
  • Style Number: M2411Z, M2411Z-LN (Lined bodice)
  • Fabric(s): Satin & Lace